What you should know


Name: Rev’d Alan J ThomasMe



Pastor of Chapel Street Christian Fellowship



CollegeSpurgeon’s, London

Studied:Pastoral psychology and sociology; business studies


College: University of Sunderland, Hartlepool College.

Studied: Certificate of education (further education)


University: DMU, Leicester.

Studied: Parenting studies


Other studies: NVQs in: learning and development; coaching; mentoring; tutoring; assessors; information, advice and guidance.


OCN Progression awards in: theory of team building skills; using teamwork skills; developing leadership skills; developing presentation skills.


SFEDI approved assessor for Investors In People


A northerner by birth, now living in Leicestershire.



Married to the lovely Jane. Love being married to Jane.

Proud of my 2 daughters, Helen & Lindsay. Helen's partner is Lee, and Lindsay’s husband is Stephen. Both great guys.

Also 2 great stepsons Matt (married to Tory) and Nick (and Jo his partner).

We have four lovely granddaughters: Aimee and Chloe to Matt and Tory; Sophie to Lindsay and Stephen; and Annabelle to Nick and Jo.


Not forgetting, of course, Elaine (my sister), John (her hubby) and Carol my neice who is married to Adrian and their two sons, Jacob and Matthew.


Finally there are my 2 uncles - Alan and Fred - and their families.







Football; and I mean football UK style. I like to see how Newcastle are doing but as I have never seen them live I hesitate to call myself a fan (but I don’t like them losing at all!)


Rugby; no team in particular, however Leicester Tigers are close to getting my affection.


American Football does interest me, especially the New York Giants since I visited New York in 1984.


Cricket; I prefer the one day internationals and prefer Durham to win.


Squash; although I haven’t played for a while, I love the game.


Table Tennis; still got a bit of talent when I get the chance to play.



Favourite Holiday Spot:

Bamburgh, Northumberland, UK (picture below)


Personal Motto:

“A moments embarrassment is better than a lifetime of ignorance.”